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Andrea Connell Fantechi was born in Florence, Italy, on 24th May 1978.

Since boyhood, he spent long periods in Sydney, Australia, his mother’s country of origin. He demonstrated a natural predisposition for drawing and creativity from a young age.

He followed this inclination in his schooling, choosing the Artistic Liceo where he was awarded the Maturità in 1996, in the Architectural section. He continued this study route when he attended the Academy of Art in Florence, in the Decoration section. In 2003, a degree cum laude in History of Art and Decoration was conferred on him, followed in 2007 by a Specialist Master, this also cum laude in History of Art and Decoration.

In the autumn of 2007, he passed a lengthy period in the United States, studying and working closely with sculptors of the international calibre of Karl Stirner and Steve Tobin.